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epa Photographer Jim Lo Scalzo Wins Four WHNPA Awards

Multiple winner: epa's Washington-based photographer, Jim Lo Scalzo, has won First Prize in multimedia at the White House News Photographers Association Contest and three other prestigious prizes in the stills category.


Frankfurt, 13 February 2014


The White House News Photographers Association awarded Jim Lo Scalzo First Prize in Linear Storytelling for his outstanding multimedia video 'Iowa's County Fair'.


Jim also won an Award of Excellence in the Feature section, as well as Third prize in Pictorial, and another Third prize in Picture Story Feature.


Lo Scalzo, who worked at the US News & World Report before joining epa european pressphoto agency, has made a name for innovative, out-of-the box imagery with a strong appeal and message. Generally covering the White House and other news items for epa, Lo Scalzo’s heart is in telling stories such as his recent photo essay 'Welcome to Watchington'.


epa's editor in chief, Hannah Hess, commented: "We are very proud of having Jim on board. His distinct style, talent and creativity in capturing social issues, American culture and politics, is outstanding."



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