Lucas Mebrouk Dolega



Frankfurt am Main, 17 January 2011


Lucas Mebrouk Dolega, epa photographer, died 17 January 2011 in Tunis after injuries sustained 14 January while covering the unrest in that country.


Lucas walked into our Paris office in April 2006. A young man who above all wanted to become a photojournalist, Lucas' passion was the image. He was driven by his need to cover major conflicts. He grew in those four years to become a thorough professional. And he did so with a total sense of decency. Based in Paris, he also covered politics, protests and fashion in Europe. In 2008 he covered the situation in the Congo.


He left Paris a few days ago for Tunisia. He was a firm believer in 'the closer, the better'. And although he spoke fluent Arabic, language makes no difference when you are being fired upon. Struck at the hands of a Tunisian police officer, he was hit by a tear gas grenade at close range. He died 36 hours later at the age of 32.


His last pictures, transmitted by his colleagues after his injury, make us proud, as does his entire body of work. We have lost a dear colleague, a good and gentle man and talented professional, who paid the ultimate price for his passion in life.


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