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Employee Iva Mangova poses for a photograph while working at the Creation Process Department of the GZ Media vinyl record factory in Lodenice, Czech Republic, 05 August 2014. The former 'Gramofonove Zavody (Gramophone Record) Lodenice' factory pressed its first vinyl record in 1951. The factory was main producer of vinyl records for the Eastern Bloc. Vinyl Record Day is celebrated annually by many collectors on 12 August. EPA/FILIP SINGER Star trampoline artist, Phaphama Nxumalo (13) flies through the air as if jumping from the nearby flats as she jumps on one of the two public trampolines in the Alexandra township in Johannesburg, South Africa, 21 June 2014. Between two blocks of flats on the West Bank of the township scores of children have found entertainment playing on two huge trampolines and trying new moves while being coached by Alexandra Trampoline Club Coach, Hudson Nxumalo. EPA/KIM LUDBROOK

GZ Vinyl Factory

Photographer: Filip Singer

Alexandra Township Trampoline Club

Photographer: Kim Ludbrook

Michitane Soma (L), 34th generation lord of the Soma domain is being dressed by retainers in 10th century period costume prior to a rehearsal of the Soma-Nomaoi samurai festival in Soma city, located 40 kilometers from the destroyed nuclear power plants in Fukushima prefecture, Japan, 12 July 2014. The Soma family members continue to be treated as rulers by the inhabitants of Soma. The Soma area has an 1,100 year samurai tradition that is celebrated every summer during the annual Soma-Nomaoi festival. The three-day event attracts thousands of people to watch the 450 participants on horseback and dressed in antique 10th century period costumes to perform in cavalry displays, races and competitions. Following the 11 March 2011 nuclear accident the local festival has grown in momentum, as local residents strive to pass on their tradition to local young people and children. EPA/EVERETT KENNEDY BROWN A young couple sleep on the sand during the 2014 O.Z.O.R.A. Festival, described by organizers as the Psychedelic Tribal Gathering, near the village of Ozora, south of Budapest, Hungary, 02 August 2014. Usually attended by festival goers from 60-70 countries worldwide, the festival attracted 15,000 fans this year from 29 July to 03 August. EPA/BALAZS MOHAI

Soma Nomaoi Samurai Festival

Photographer: Everett Kennedy Brown

Welcome to Paradise

Photographer: Balazs Mohai

Genuine United States 100 dollar bills decorate the hood of a Sportsman's Super Comp race car during the annual Toyota Summer Nationals in Englishtown, New Jersey, USA, 29 May 2014. Drag racing is an expensive hobby and many of the drivers who race at that level are self-employed business owners or some manner of professional - everything from Wall Street traders to Chiropractors. Drag racing is a type of motor racing in various categories, usually by two competitors at a time, on a straight track and over a short distance. EPA/CJ GUNTHER Two wrestlers, or pehlivans as in Turkish, in action during the traditional Kirkpinar Oil wrestling festival in Edirne, Turkey, 20 July 2014. Every year since 1640, Turkey's best wrestlers - men and boys - gather for their national championships on a grassy field near the Ottoman capital city of Edirne. EPA/ERDEM SAHIN

Drag Races in Englishtown

Photographer: CJ Gunther

Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling Festival

Photographer: Erdem Sahin