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Genuine United States 100 dollar bills decorate the hood of a Sportsman's Super Comp race car during the annual Toyota Summer Nationals in Englishtown, New Jersey, USA, 29 May 2014. Drag racing is an expensive hobby and many of the drivers who race at that level are self-employed business owners or some manner of professional - everything from Wall Street traders to Chiropractors. Drag racing is a type of motor racing in various categories, usually by two competitors at a time, on a straight track and over a short distance. EPA/CJ GUNTHER Two wrestlers, or pehlivans as in Turkish, in action during the traditional Kirkpinar Oil wrestling festival in Edirne, Turkey, 20 July 2014. Every year since 1640, Turkey's best wrestlers - men and boys - gather for their national championships on a grassy field near the Ottoman capital city of Edirne. EPA/ERDEM SAHIN

Drag Races in Englishtown

Photographer: CJ Gunther

Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling Festival

Photographer: Erdem Sahin

Two Indian roosters fight on old carpets in the middle of a ring made of iron bars covered by a blue canvas, on the rooftop of a buidling near the city of Sanliurfa, south-eastern Turkey, 26 May 2014. EPA/SEDAT SUNA The winner of trassexual beauty contest, Yanki Bayramoglu (C) cheers during a transsexual beauty contest in Istanbul, Turkey, 21 June 2014. The contest runs for first time in Turkey and it is organized by LGBT Turkey as a part of honour week events. EPA/SEDAT SUNA

Cockfighting in Turkey

Photographer: Sedat Suna

Turkey Transsexual Beauty Contest

Photographer: Sedat Suna

Samita Bajracharya plays an Indian classic music instrument called Sarod in her room in Patan, Nepal, 24 April 2014, after she retired from post of Living goddess. The Living Goddesses are young pre-pubescent girls that are considered to be incarnations of the Hindu Goddess of Power, Kali. The Kumari retires when she reaches puberty. EPA/NARENDRA SHRESTHA A photo dated 04 April 2014 shows a mossy toppled tombstone of a Bulgarian soldier on the military cemetery in the town of Tutrakan, Bulgaria. The 'Battle of Tutracaia', fought in September 1916 between Bulgarian and German troops against Romanian troops during the first World War's offensives in then Romania, lasted five-days and ended with the Romanians' surrender and fall of the Tutracaia fortress. The Romanian name Tutracaia was later changed in its now Bulgarian version Tutrakan. The year 2014 sees the 100th anniversary of the beginning of WWI, or the Great War, which according to official statistics cost more than 37 million military and civilian casualties between 1914 and 1918. EPA/VASSIL DONEV


Photographer: Narendra Shrestha

World War I Centenary

Various Photographers