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Chinese migrant worker Wang Pengfei (L) eats his lunch as he looks out of the window of a train on his way back to his hometown Heze, Shandong from Beijing, China, 22 January 2017. Wang is the migrant worker and is working in the capital city as a delivery man. He will travel to visit his family in the Shandong Province for the annual Chinese Lunar New Year or Spring Festival. This is the only time he gets to see his family each year. Wang will join millions of fellow Chinese travelers making their way back home as they pack trains, planes and buses, in what is the largest human migration in the world. The journey, known as 'Chunyun' - the annual spring migration, will involve a total of 2,98 billion trips, starting from 13 January and continuing until 21 February 2017. EPA/HOW HWEE YOUNG Chinese actor Xiao Jiguo practices a pose in a restroom while waiting for a performance as he participates in an entertainment program by Chinese Hunan TV in Beijing city, China, 28 October 2016. When Barack Obama leaves the White House on 20 January 2017, one of the people most affected is surprisingly a continent away in China. Xiao Jiguo, a former security guard and construction worker from Sichuan, who became famous in his country due to his resemblance to the outgoing US president may face the close of an important chapter in his life. EPA/WU HONG

Chinese Migration for Spring Festival

Photographer: How Hwee Young

The Chinese Obama

Photographer: Wu Hong

A file picture dated 22 March 2016 shows US President Barack Obama arriving to address the people of Cuba at the El Gran Teatro de Havana, during a historic visit to Havana, Cuba. On 04 November 2008, then Democratic Senator Barack Obama (Illinois), at age 47, earned 365 electoral votes and nearly 53 of the popular vote in a wider-than-expected margin of victory against Republican Senator John McCain in the US Presidential elections. He became the 44th president of the United States and the first African American to be elected to office. President Obama quickly became known as a progressive politician and was named the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize laureate nine months after his inauguration. However, he faced his share of challenges during his 8-year tenure. The Republicans held control of the Senate throughout his time in the White House and he faced constant challenges passing legislation. His administration is generally known for pursuing policies such as gun control, greater inclusiveness for LGBT Americans, the promotion of the 2015 Paris Agreement on global climate change and the Obamacare health care program for Americans. It is also known for a series of historic initiatives in international relations such as a nuclear deal with Iran and normalized relations with Cuba. EPA/JEFFREY ARGUEDAS A man allegedly involved in drug dealing or consumption lies lifeless on a street after being shot down by an unidentified gunman on Christmas eve in Manila, Philippines, 24 December 2016. Filipino presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella on 27 December 2016, while speaking on the administration's accomplishment over the first six months of its crackdown on drug dealers and cartels, said that President Rodrigo Duterte's anti-crime campaign had resulted in the surrender of more than 900,000 drug addicts and the confiscation of billions of worth of illicit drugs. Abella added that the government had come to regard drugs not only as a national security but also a 'public health issue' which resulted in the building of rehabilitation facilities all over the country. President Duterte launched a nationwide campaign against illegal drugs that has so far reportedly led to the deaths of more than 5,900 people, allegedly killed in police raids and at the hands of vigilante groups since the campaign started on 30 June 2016. EPA/MARK R. CRISTINO

Barack Obama - Presidency Retrospective

Various Photographers

Duterte's War on Drugs

Photographers: Francis R. Malasig, Mark R. Cristino

Muddy water fills a small slot canyon in the proposed Bear Ears National Monument near Fry Canyon, Utah, USA, 12 November 2016. In October 2015, a coalition of five Indian nations, including the Hopi, Ute, and Navajo, formally proposed the monument, attempting to preserve the parcel's 100,000 archeological sites from ongoing looting and grave robbing. Less than two months before handing over the White House to President Elect Trump, President Obama must decide if it's worth the political capital to designate Bear Ears a national monument. EPA/JIM LO SCALZO Migrants cook in the kitchen of the former Hotel City Plaza, currently used as a squat home in Athens, Greece, 01 December 2016.  Approximately sixty thousand migrants were stranded in Greece after Macedonia closed its borders to the flow of illegal migration in March 2016. A group of activists helping refugees occupied a disused building in September 2015 in the Greek capital, which was the first of a number of abandoned houses, hotels and schools in the city center to be turned into refugee accommodation since. EPA/ZOLTAN BALOGH

Bear Ears - USA's New National Monument?

Photographer: Jim Lo Scalzo

Greece Migration

Photographer: Zoltan Balogh