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Cadetsrian National Army called for by various rebel groups. EPA/MOHAMMED BADRA Safal Pokhrel takes a shower after shaving his head during a full moon day in Gurukul’s premise in Kathmandu, Nepal, 27 July 2017. Once a month, in the auspicious day of full moon, the students must shave their head since they believe that by shaving the hair they are free from the sins. A temple in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu is home to one of the world’s oldest Sanskrit schools. Located within Pashupati Temple and founded in 2040 BS (Nepali Year Calendar), 34 years ago, Shree Bhagwat Sanyash Ashram and Gurukul School and hostel is funded by the donations of Hindu followers. The school was established to practice and preserve the Sanskrit Dharma-shastra. Sanskrit is the main holy language in Hinduism and Dharma-shastras are Hindu scriptures teaching the rules of social behavior. EPA-EFE/NARENDRA SHRESTHA

China Lifeline Express

Photographer: How Hwee Young

Sanskrit Gurukul

Photographer: Narendra Shrestha

An Indonesian waitress dressed as a nurse holds eye ball dessert called Organ Surgery Parfait (L) and chicken dim sum with spicy sauce called Chicken Palm Pruritus, part of the menu, at the Hospitalis restaurant in Depok, West Java, Indonesia, 27 July 2017. Hospitalis offers a medical themed menu, is decorated in hospital equipment, furniture includes hospital bed headboards and wheel chairs, while utensils include infusion and blood bags and lab beakers among other medical paraphernalia. Restaurant staff wear doctors and nurses uniforms. It used to be a restaurant attracted customers because of good food. But now, with so many choices and options, tasty food is not always enough. Asia's many and varied theme restaurants were quick to recognize dining is more than that. They took up the challenge to offer of a palette of weird and wonderful dining experiences that turn a quick bite, into an unusually memorable sensation. EPA-EFE/BAGUS INDAHONO Chinese children practise Chinese martial art Tai Chi during a training at the Chinese folk traditional martial arts union training base in Gu'an County near Beijing, China, 10 June 2017. The roots of Chinese martial arts can be traced back to the Xia Dynasty that existed more than 4,000 years ago. EPA/ROMAN PILIPEY

Asia Theme Restaurants Offer an Unusual Bite

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Chinese Martial Arts

Photographer: Roman Pilipey

A member of the Samaritan community attends a wedding ceremony atop Mount Gerizim, above Nablus, West Bank, 30 July 2017. The Samaritans' gathering celebrates the Shavuot festival, marking the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai seven weeks after the exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt. The Samaritan religion is based on four principles of faith: One God - The God of Israel, One Prophet - Moses Ben Amram, The Belief in the Torah - the first five books of the bible, and One Holy Place - Mount Gerizim. Samaritans recite prayers in ancient Hebrew using a Torah scoll. Today's Samaritan community hails from ancient people who once numbered over a million. Now the community counts about 780 members, half of them living in a village on Mount Gerizim near Nablus, and the rest in Holon near Tel Aviv, Israel. Despite its many hardships over the last 2,700 years, they have been in this country for over 2,600 years. They have their own culture, civilization, language, heritage, and religion. EPA/ALAA BADARNEH A teenage jockey is carried by a man to the horse he is about to ride during the annual horse race held by the Basotho tribesmen on the King's birthday in the mountains near Semonkong, Lesotho, 15 July 2017. For decades the horse and donkey have been the main from of transport for the villagers in Lesotho as no car can get access to their villagers and sheep stations in the ruggered hills. The horses carry everything from humans, gas cylinders, coffins, foot, water, maize meal, etc. EPA/KIM LUDBROOK

Samaritans in Nablus

Photographer: Alaa Badarneh

Lesotho Horse Race

Photographer: Kim Ludbrook