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September 11 Attacks Anniversary

11 September 2001 - A terrorist-hijacked commercial air-plane strikes the World Trade Center's north tower in New York City at 8:46 am. Seventeen minutes later, a second hijacked plane hits the south tower in Lower Manhattan, which collapses at 9:59 am. The north tower follows at 10:28 am. In the meantime, a third hijacked plane strikes the Pentagon in Washington, DC; and a fourth, United Airlines flight UA93, crashes on a field in Pennsylvania. Nearly 3,000 people died in the terrorist attacks, masterminded by Saudi-born millionaire Osama bin Laden.


11 September 2011 - Americans observe the 10-year anniversary of the attacks in a ceremony for victims' families. A National September 11 Memorial and Museum opened to the public on 12 September.


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