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Wig and Make-up supervisor Judith Abegg adjusts wigs before a performance of the Barber of Seville at the English National Opera in London, Britain, 30 October 2017. The English National Opera (ENO) is an opera company based in London. It is one of the two principal opera companies in London. ENO traces its roots back to 1931. EPA-EFE/NEIL HALL Sister Lucia (L) and Sister Veronika talk to a child during a home visit in Esztergom, Budapest, Hungary, 08 November 2017. Sister Lucia and Sister Veronika are two of the 18 nuns of the 'Carers for the Poor Convent' of the Franciscan Order in Esztergom. The vocation of the congregation is the care of the poor. In their daily routine, nuns take care of people in need and of the outcasts, visiting them at home, teaching them and spending time with people with physical and mental diseases. EPA-EFE/Peter Komka

Behind the Scenes at the
English National Opera

Photographer: Neil Hall

A Life Dedicated to Serve the Poor

Photographer: Peter Komka

Marani Devi Chaudhary (C), aged 40, performs a ritual in front of shaman Paltan Yadav (unseen) at her home in Rajaur village in Dhanusha district, Nepal, 02 November 2017. The shaman identified Marani Devi to be possessed by their lineage god who was dissatisfied by their worship is thought by the family to have caused them misfortune and is even feared lead to their death. Therefore Marani Devi spent 1,500 USD to perform a healing ritual at the Ghost Festival held at the banks of Kamala River in Dhanusha district two days later. Every family or community has their own sacred god, called 'Kuldevta' in Nepali which means family deity or lineage god. Only family members or people within communities of the same caste can worship to the deity. They have their own rules and regulations of worship which varies from one family and community to another. Being unable to follow the rules and regulations or carry out worship is believed to cause misfortune. EPA-EFE/NARENDRA SHRESTHA Tibetan monks attend the teachings of Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama (not pictured) at the Tibetans' main temple of Tsuglhakhang at McLeod Ganj, near Dharamsala, India, 30 August 2017. At the heart of the Free Tibet movement are principals of non-violence and a middle way towards conflict resolution with China and a return to Tibet. Yet nearly six decades have passed since the soul of the movement and leader of the peaceful resistance, the Dalai Lama, known also by his religious name as Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th spiritual head of Tibetan Buddhism, fled China controlled Tibet fearing his life. The Dalai Lama cites dreams stating that he will live until 113 years of age, but as decades pass and international attention strays to other conflicts, commentators now say Tibetan Buddhism is at a cross-roads. The reality of returning to Tibet, for those wishing for return, is very distant, according to assessments by independent observers. EPA-EFE/HARISH TYAGI

In the Name of Superstition

Photographer: Narendra Shrestha

Tibetan Turning Point

Various Photographers

A mentally handicapped child enjoys being covered in material used as part of the act as he smiles during a show of the Dutch clowning group, Africlowns, at a school for the mentally and physically disabled in Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa, 25 October 2017. Once a year, Dutch clowning organization Africlowns travels to South Africa to perform clown shows for the handicapped, poor and township schools in an attempt to put a temporary smile on the faces of those watching their shows. EPA-EFE/KIM LUDBROOK A man takes medical gloves out of a washing machine, rebel-held Douma, besieged Eastern al-Ghouta, Syria, 21 October 2017. Due to the siege on eastern al-Ghouta, nurses inside Damascus Countryside Specialized Hospital started washing gloves, surgical suture, and ventilation tubes, and then sterilize these tools by using formaldehyde, before the seige in normal situations, these tools are thrown away and replaced after each operation. Rebel-held Eastern al-Ghouta, located 15km outside of Damascus and home for more than 400 thousand people, has been under siege by forces loyal to the Syrian government for four years. EPA-EFE/MOHAMMED BADRA


Photographer: Kim Ludbrook

Life Under Besiegement in Eastern al-Ghouta

Photographer: Mohammed Badra