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Amateur Boxing in Johannesburg

Photographer: Kim Ludbrook


George Khosi was once The Soweto Super Middle weight boxing champion until one day in 1997 robbers shot him in both legs and in the right eye thus ending his boxing career.


Some years later in 1999 George committed his life to God and training boxers. In 2004 he started to train boxers from The Hillbrow Boxing Gym situated in the notorious, crime-ridden Hillbrow area of Johannesburg, South Africa.


The boxing ring is built in the forecourt of an old petrol station with the weights and boxing bags situated in a room next door. George lives in makeshift accommodation in the former storage rooms under the petrol station.


At the moment an estimated 35 boxers of all ethnic groups, both male and female, train with George in the bitterly cold winter mornings. Some of the boxers may simply be boxing as a form of exercise but many have dreams of victory in the ring. As the 2012 Summer Olympics boxing takes place in London, Britain, some may have dreams of fighting for South Africa one day.