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Egyptian Uprising - First Anniversary

Various Photographers


On 25 January 2011 thousands of Egyptians took to the streets in most of the country demanding the departure of Mubarak and the dissolution of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP). The protests culminated in the occupation of Tahrir square, until the President announced his resignation on 11 February 2011 and handed over power to a military council tasked with heading the country during a transitional period and organizing new elections. Months after that, protests, sit-ins and strikes with various political and labor related demands were made leading to clashes with security forces. Meanwhile, parliamentary elections were held over three voting rounds from 28 November 2011. The Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party won the majority and the new parliament is due to meet for the first time on 23 January. Hosni Mubarak is currently standing trial in Cairo facing charges of alleged murder and corruption.