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Harsh Winter

Photographer: Attila Balazs


Warrant officer Miklos Marton and master sergeant Jozsef Bordas have the dual job of ensuring public safety and making sure elderly residents in the area around Nyiregyhaza, 227 km east of Budapest, Hungary, have enough food and heating material during the extremely cold winter. The policemen have to patrol on horseback, since many of the farm tracks are not suitable for cars. Given that there are a limited number of social workers in the area, the policemen perform an important role, ensuring that elderly residents are warm and well. Approximately 700 to 800 people live in the region, in 12 to 15 clusters of farms. The police perform much the same role in the summer, looking out for the well-being of the locals. Crime rates are average in the area, and theft of produce and livestock is one of the main crimes committed.