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Military Call-Up in Moscow

Photographer: Sergei Ilnitsky


The number of servicemen in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is 1,000,000 people, including 13,706 service-women.


Male Russian citizens aged from 18 till 27-years-old are still eligible for conscription. National Service campaigns are carried out twice a year: in Spring and in Autumn, on the basis of Russian Presidential decrees. The 2012 Spring draft calls for 155,000 young men to be called-up to complete their military service duties.


The Russian constitution (Article 59) establishes that: Defence of the Fatherland is a duty and obligation of a citizen of the Russian Federation (RF); In case military service contradicts beliefs or religion of RF citizen, and also in other cases established by the federal law, RF citizen has the right to replace military service with an alternative civil service.


According to Russian public opinion poll, about 42 per cent of respondents condemn those who evade military service, while 39 per cent, on the contrary, understand and sympathize with them.