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Neo-Burlesque Revival

Photographer: Peter DaSilva


Burlesque performances at the DNA Lounge for the Hubba Hubba Review and Tease-O-Rama at the historic Bimbo's 365 Club in San Francisco's North Beach, California, USA.


Tease-O-Rama, created in 2001, is the first showcase and convention dedicated to the thriving neo-burlesque revival. Some 90 burlesque performers from all over North America and one from the UK, contemporary young and seasoned performers to the legends of the past, gathered to strip off costumes that run the gamut, from elaborate sequined corsets, feathered fans, to minimal fringe tassels. Performers’ routines ranged from traditional fan striptease to contemporary humorous productions. Fans of burlesque of all ages also came dressed for the occasion to cheer all the performers.