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Perama Struggles

Photographer: Orestis Panagiotou


Perama, a Greek coastal town of 22,000 inhabitants, is one of the many victims of the ongoing economic crisis. Before the economic crisis, thousands of workers were employed in Perama repair docks (known locally as 'the zone') thanks to the ship-repair industry, whereas nowadays the zone looks deserted and empty and hundreds of workers have lost their jobs. The unemployment rate for the residents of the town is 60 per cent whereas the rate in the zone between steel workers is 95 per cent.


The town's welfare services are insufficient to care and assist all the residents. NGOs such as Doctors of the World (Medicines du Monde) help the town providing medical care to residents and food to 1,000 families. In these hard times, the only thing keeping Perama from collapse is the resilient spirit of human solidarity among the residents themselves.