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Republican Fred Karger Candidate for US President

Photographer: CJ Gunther


Fred Karger of California announced his candidacy for United States President in March of 2011 and has been campaigning in New Hampshire ever since. A former senior consultant on campaigns for Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush and Gerald Ford, Karger says his 35 years of experience in politics, 'inspired me to run.'


Although he has not been included in the televised presidential debates, he has campaigned heavily by purchasing television advertising and in person, knocking on doors and visiting establishments. In fact his slogan is 'Fred Who?'


An advocate for Gay rights, Karger is the first openly gay candidate for United States President. The requirements to be on the New Hampshire ballot are that you need to be a a United States citizen, at least 35-years-of-age by time you take office, file the appropriate forms and pay a fee of $1,000 to the state of New Hampshire.