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Six Day War Veterans

Photographer: Abir Sultan


During the Six Day War Israel fought against the surrounding Arab countries, including Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. The Six Day War is considered to be Israel's most significant conflict in its 64 year history as Israel more than doubled the size of its territory, seizing all of Jerusalem including the Old City, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the Goland Heights, and the Sinai Peninsula to the Suez Canal. On 05 June 2012 Israel will mark the 45th anniversary of the Six Day War one of the seven wars that Israel has fought since its establishment in 1948. Forty-five years later the Israeli soldiers wounded in the brief conflict continue to receive rehabilitation for their injuries. This series features disabled veterans who carry the scars on their bodies. They also get assistance under the inspection of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) disabled veterans center in Tel Aviv. Beit Halochem is a disabled veterans' complex where the disabled can regain the dignity and quality of life.