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500th Anniversary of Bairro Alto

Photographer: Mario Cruz


The Portuguese capital celebrates the 500 years of the district of Bairro Alto on 15 December 2013.


Built in the 16th century, Bairro Alto became one of the most emblematic and cosmopolitan quarters of Lisbon. Bairro Alto has traditionally been a cultural center where writers, poets, artists, students and journalists often gathered. In the eighties, it started becoming a renowned quarter for a vibrant nightlife. While the neighborhood is quiet during the day, a multitude of small bars, Fado houses, traditional and international restaurants attract many tourists at night.


In the last decades, the area was inhabited mostly by elderlies but Bairro Alto has recently welcomed many young people rejuvenating the neighborhood and leading to the restoration of many old buildings in bad conditions. Bairro Alto is now considered as a trendy bohemian quarter with many alternative shops and trendy cafes.