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Disabled Golf Open

Photographer: Nic Bothma


Every year for the last ten years the South African Disabled Golf Association (SADGA) has been hosting the Nedbank South African Disabled Golf Open, which has attracted players from around the world.


The event has now become one of the top disabled golf tournaments in the world with more than 60 competitors from various nations participating in this year’s three day event at Legends Golf course in Limpopo, South Africa. People suffering from any number of physical disabilities including arm and leg amputees, hemiplegics, paraplegics, stroke victims, blind and deaf people that are able to grip the club with at least one hand and hit the ball can compete.


A variety of golf courses have been used over the years chosen for their uniqueness and beauty as a backdrop for this inspirational event. Inspiration is what these golfers are all about. Although serious about golf the players embrace the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie always with a lot of humour flowing along the fairways. “We’re going to be legless tonight if he gets this hole in one!”, a player quips as a group of single leg amputees tees off on one of the par three holes.

On the SADGA official website its vision points towards promoting golf as a viable form of rehabilitation and recreation for the disabled. It brings together able and disabled golfers to share their love for the game, in the spirit of friendship and competition and the creation of public awareness of challenges facing disabled golfers, and to highlight their achievements.


Late in the evening after a day’s play during the tournament the players can be found laughing and enjoying each other’s company around the pool table in the bar. Challenging each other and appreciating life to its fullest with the limits of their disabilities forgotten.