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Etiquette and Ballroom Classes for Children

Photographer: Erik S. Lesser


Teresa Libbey teaches children the art of manners and etiquette. As a local chapter director for the National League of Junior Cotillions, her three-year program works to teach fifth grade through eighth grade children. Tuition for the first year is 275 US dollars, but she often discounts the cost.


Children of all social backgrounds are encouraged to learn social courtesies needed for better relationships with both family and friends. The students learn and practice life skills and ballroom dancing not offered elsewhere.


The social and character education components of the program include rules of proper telephone courtesy, acknowledgments of gifts, introductions, participating in group settings, polite conversation, paying and receiving compliments, behavior at cultural and civic events, table manners, formal place settings, styles of dining, skills involved in being a guest, hostess or host, and many other areas of social behavior. Other topics covered are the ethics involved in the areas of having honor, dignity, respect, honesty, fairness, a caring attitude, accountability, and citizenship.


Libbey works to teach ‘gentlemen and ladies’ self-confidence and character, and helps set boundaries of behavior. In addition to the traditional etiquette training, the group also offers proper manners and guidelines for email, cell phones and other electronic communication. 'Parents do not have the time to teach these skills', Libbey said. 'The children learn better with their peers.'