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Hope for Bhawana Thami

Photographer: Narendra Shrestha


Kaluman Thami’s third child, Bhawana Thami, was born with half of her face covered with hair, due to a hair mole disease that if not treated could turn into cancer. The family suffered from the local villagers' belief that a child with such an appearance is a witch. Kaluman, a protective father, did not allow his daughter Bhawana to look into mirror, but one day a journalist who took her photo showed it to her causing the child disgust, fear and shock. With the economic support of the organization Child Workers in Nepal and a plastic surgeon in Kathmandu, Bhawana went through her first plastic surgery on 28 February 2012. A year later she had a second operation where the hair from her face was completely removed and she will need a third one when she turns fourteen years old. Bhawana's appearance is changing every day since her operations took place, and now she enjoys all activities at school and local villagers have accepted her and the family after all.