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Israel World War II Veterans

Photographer: Abir Sultan


The portraits of these veterans show the pride of soldiers and the passage of time through the 68 years since the Allied victory over Nazi-Germany. All these soldiers emigrated to Israel over the decades following the creation of the state.


A great number of Jewish joined various armies to fight the Nazis. These included some 500,000 soldiers and sailors from the Soviet Union who fought in the Red Army, as well as some 550,000 Jewish troops fighting in the American armed forces. Hundreds of thousands of Jews volunteered to serve in the armed forces of the United Kingdom, France, Canada, South Africa, Czechoslovakia, Australia, Greece, Yugoslavia, Belgium, Norway, Finland, Bulgaria, Romania and The Netherlands.


On 08 of May 1945 the deadliest war in history finished with the surrender of the Nazis, leaving over 60,000,000 people dead. Russia and most of the former Soviet republics commemorate Victory Day on 09 May as when the German military surrender became effective was already 09 May Moscow time.