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Moscow Graffiti Festival

Photographer: Yuri Kochetkov


The summer festival ‘Best City On Earth’ has been launched in the Russian capital with the grand opening of the first of 150 graffiti objects starting to renew the city’s look. The project opened on 18 May 2013 when Russian artist Alexey Mednoy unveiled his giant graffiti piece ‘Circus’ on the side of a house in central Moscow.


The street-art and graffiti project is organized by the Moscow government, with support of the PIK Group, the largest real estate and homebuilding company in Russia, that actively participates in the urban culture development.


The graffiti festival aims to decorate the city with huge paintings, increasing people’s interest in graffiti as an art form and is also targeted to raise the level of civic awareness and responsibility for vandalism in Moscow.


Until September, new works by street artists will appear regularly on the walls of residential houses and office buildings, power substations, bridges, and subways. It is expected that 150-odd sites across the city will have been decorated with graffiti by Moscow Day on 07 September.