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Stadiou Street in Athens

Photographer: Orestis Panagiotou


Stadiou Street is a major street that links Athens' largest squares, Omonia and Syntagma, facing Greece's Parliament building. The street follows ancient routes of Classical Athens and was one of the first streets to be built in modern Athens, taking its name from the Panathenaic Stadium, to which it led.


Nowdays the site reflects the turbulent economic times that Greece is going through, often becoming witness of rallies and riots. Its present bears nothing of its past glory as a popular shopping destination.


Thirty-three stores out of 88 in Stadiou street have closed down in the area near downtown Omonia Square. The only exceptions can be found at Syntagma square, or eastern end, where high-end jewellery stores and designer boutiques are still attracting a steady clientele of locals and tourists alike. According to data of the Greek Businesses Record Office in 2012 approximately 23,000 businesses have been forced to close down due to the economic crisis, which works out at 63 shops per day.