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The Jesus Guy

Photographer: Abir Sultan


Barefoot, dressed in white robes, James Joseph, a Catholic pilgrim originally from Detroit, Michigan, USA, has been living without money and depending on the generosity of others for the past 20 years.


Joseph calls himself Jacob but is better known by many as ‘the Jesus guy’, mainly because of his appearance resembling Jesus Christ. He has visited about 20 countries in the world, spreading his message, and over recent years he has been visiting Israel, becoming a well-known figure in the old city of Jerusalem, where he explores the life and path of Jesus Christ.


The Jesus guy does not carry objects or money, he just walks around the streets of the Old City in barefoot, wearing white robes and carrying a woollen blanket and bible. He spends most of his day praying at the Church of the Holy Seprulchre and talks to people who he meets on his way. He said during an interview that he loves Jesus and he wants to live the same lifestyle Jesus did; in total poverty with the simplest of clothes, no possessions and sharing the gospel.