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Young Creators in Fukushima

Photographer: Everett Kennedy Brown


While many young people with small children have left the Fukushima prefecture in Japan following the 11 March 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident for health precautions there is a growing number of young people returning to the area and moving to Fukushima for the first time to pursue their creative careers. Due to the area's proximity to Tokyo by super express train and the abundant nature and hot springs, the area has been an attractive location for living. Following 3.11, the area is attracting young people devoted to create a new vision for Japan.


The selection of images features a paper maker, an artist, master violin craftsmen, an 18th generation doll maker family, a silk weaver promoting the region’s 400 year-silk-weaving tradition, a popular DJ and record shop owner, a master florist, a wooden eyeglass maker and a speciality Italian cuisine chef.