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Crimean Wine Tourism

Photographer: Sergei Ilnitsky


When getting close to the Southern Coast of the Crimean peninsula, visitors can already start to experience its amazing landscapes, visit heritage monuments and historical architecture as well as enjoy its gastronomy by tasting its world renowned wines, in a region that was once a jewel of the Russian Empire and retreat of the tsars.


Massandra is the first underground winery of the tunnel type and the oldest wine cellar in the Crimean region. Developed and built by Prince Lev Golitsyn in 1897, the main basement has seven tunnels, each measuring 150 meters in length. This storehouse maintains a constant temperature of 10-12 C°.


Nowadays, Massandra is one of the largest wine making enterprises in The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). It consists of eight small companies for the production of wine. Under the brand of 'Massandra' it produces around nine million bottles of wine annually. The company owns 4.5 thousand hectares of vineyards on the southern coast of Crimea. In 1998 the Massandra wine collection, made up of about one million bottles, entered the Guinness Book of Records.


At the session of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea, resolutions were on nationalization of property of enterprises, institutions and organizations of the agroindustrial complex, as well as on forestry and hunting, according to portal 'Novosti Kryma (News of Crimea)'. According to the online newspaper, the list of agro industrial enterprises reached 131 companies, including wineries Magarach and Massandra, the factory of champagne wines of the New World, and many others as all Crimean nature reserves, natural parks, forestry and hunting properties.