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Home Birth

Photographer: Bea Kallos


Eve is expecting her second child. Her first descendant, a boy, was born in a hospital three years ago when there was no regulation or law for home birth in Hungary. In this occasion, with their first common child, she and her husband Peter decided to choose the home birth option.


In Hungary the law on regulating home birth has been in force since May 2011 and it is focused on the midwives’ regulations as they are required to have a registered license, a certificate and a medical insurance in order to practice. The home birth is not financed by the official health insurance system in Hungary and has a fixed price that covers all the services that maternity requires.


In December 2010, the European Court of Human Rights approved a judgment in favor of a Hungarian mother stating that women have their right to choose the birth’s place and that it is a safe and private environment for both mother and child. European countries have adopted different stances concerning home birth, from the discouragement policy of Hungary and Sweden to the supportive attitude of the governments of The Netherlands and Great Britain.