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maidan art

Photographer: Robert Ghement


As the turbulent political events stroke the Ukrainian society, most of the young people took to the Kiev streets to fight for more freedom. A wave of protests spread in the capital joined by a young generation seeking closer integration with the European Union and better life for the Ukrainians. The Maidan demonstrations were more than an anti-corruption movement against former President Viktor Yanukovych. Maidan also aimed to define a new system of values for the Ukrainian society.


Demonstrators on the barricades experienced a large rage of feelings and emotions, from anger, rage, pain, sorrow, grief, dignity, pride, gratitude to joy and love. These feelings led all kinds of artists, from art students to occasional street artists, from Ukraine or from abroad, to express themselves. While walking through the Maidan square, many forms of art could be encountered: shrines to the fallen protesters made of colored pavement stones, propaganda posters of Ukrainian self-defense forces, anarchist wall paintings or stencils depicting Ukraine motherland as a crying young woman or drawings calling for peace made by children.


The youth of Ukraine speaks out through art on Maidan. They now expect the new Ukrainian government to 'paint' a better and more peaceful future.