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Pieces of the Berlin Wall Worldwide

Various photographers


After the Berlin Wall dividing East and West Berlin fell on 09 November 1989, it became a symbol of Germany’s divided past. Residents and tourists chipped away at it, keeping fragments of it for their own souvenirs. The fall of the wall led to German Reunification in October 1990.


The wall was not entirely destroyed. A 1.3 km section still stands in Berlin today in the form of the East Side Gallery, perhaps best described as an open air gallery and a hugely popular tourist attraction for those wishing to see some concrete evidence that two Berlins once existed.


You don’t have to visit Berlin to see the remains of the wall, though. Segments of the wall are on display all over the world. Germany gifted parts of the wall to other countries, while other segments were sold after the fall of the wall. Many sections can be found in and around public spaces, serving as a reminder of the once divided Germany.


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