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Street Art Project Djerbahood

Photographer: Mohamed Messara


It sounds odd to invite people to scrawl over the walls of a pittoresque Tunisian village. Usually, graffiti is not welcome, but what happens in Erriadh is unique. The island of Djerba has invited 150 international artists to take part in the street art project ‘Djerbahood’, curated by Tunisian-French artist Mehdi Ben Cheikh.


In July and August 2014, artists from about 30 nations have travelled to Erriadh to create murals of their choice, whilst respecting the authenticity of the local environment. Each artist is welcome to decorate several of the white or cream-colored exterior walls or gates. These artworks form an exceptional urban open-air museum.


The aim of this event is to showcase stunning creations of street art, to offer Tunisia a new cultural attraction and to enliven the village of Erriadh. Visitors have access to freely stroll the streets, to watch the artists working and to take pictures of the murals. Erriadh, one of the oldest villages in Tunisia, has become host to one of the biggest meetings of the modern street art scene.