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Volunteer Movement in Ukraine

Photographer: Tatyana Zenkovich


The volunteer movement for the Ukrainian army and self-defense forces is very expanded and developed, trying to provide soldiers with everything necessary.


Ukrainian people support their army according to their abilities and possibilities. They donate money, food and warm clothes, or medicines and medical supplies. Some produce clothes, bullet-proof vests, wooden stoves or other items the soldiers may lack in the cold trenches.


Volunteers help injured soldiers, or they offer patriotic lessons in schools and send personal parcels, letters and children's pictures to the front lines. Some even hand over their private cars to the army or volunteer to organize, collect and deliver all the aid supplies to the soldiers.


Volunteers work after their dayshifts which can lead to sleepless nights. Some live on one family member's salary while donating the other salary to the army every month; others spend their weekends and vacations contributing their skills and abilities to help their heroes in the East of the Ukraine.


Volunteers operate like small organizations that share their resources with each other, depending on what one's particular battalion needs and asks for.