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Welcome to Paradise

Photographer: Balazs Mohai


Described as a 'psychedelic tribal gathering' by the organizers, the O.Z.O.R.A. festival is one of the most important festivals of the 'Goa' music style. Usually attended by festival goers from 60-70 countries worldwide, it attracted 15,000 fans this year from 29 July to 03 August. Most visitors come from Europe and North America, but many fans return also from distant countries like New Zealand, South Africa, Mongolia, Japan, Brazil, Honduras, India, Mexico or Cambodia.


Organizers say the visitors are connected or interwoven by the love of psychedelic music as well as the love of environment, and also by the emotional intelligence and the spiritual sensitivity. The first gathering was held in 1999, when the total solar eclipse could be observed from Hungary.


The festival is a meeting point of psychedelic music and ancient transcendental cultures, thus visitors can enjoy products of fine arts, theater, underground circus besides concerts and lectures in esoteric, scientific or philosophical topics. Workshops are also held in various fields of handicrafts for those who wish to train in these skills.


Visitors can accommodate themselves free of charge in the camping area on the 100-hectare premises of the festival.