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Magic Tattoo Ritual

Photographer: Rungroj Yongrit


Customers to the Aurora Foge in Bangkok, Thailand, can experience a holy ritual ceremony which comprises of magical tattooing, golden face and tongue charming and fortune telling, which are believed to enhance auspiciousness for the clients' lives.


The magical holy or Yantra Tattooing is also called 'Sak Yan' in Thai language. The ancestral form of tattoo is believed to have originated in ancient Cambodia. This ancient art has been perfomed in many Southeast Asian countries like Laos, Myanmar and Thailand for centuries. Sak Yan has traditionally been practiced by Buddhist monks, who tattooed the skin of warriors for protection and strength in battle by using long sharpened bamboo sticks.


The Golden Face and Tongue Charming ritual is considered to make the worshipper appear charming and attractive, give them persuasive speaking skills and eloquence to help them in business negotiations, achieve their goals, and to bring them good luck and success in their love and personal life.


Nowadays, Yantra Tattoos are believed by devotees to be magical and bring the bearer good luck, protection from harm and strength to prevail in their business and everyday life. The practice is currently growing and becoming popular among Chinese from Mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia.


The Aurora Foge has local as well as foreign customers who come from Europe, USA and Asia, mainly China. The building that houses the shop used to be the royal residence of a member of the King Rama V family. Two tattoo masters perform their art, which they learned in accordance with the tradition of generations of Buddhist monks