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Pediatric Stem Cell Treatment

Photographer: Szilard Koszticsak


At the Child Haematology and Stem Cell Transplant department of Szent Istvan and Szent Laszlo Unified Hospitals in Budapest, young leukemia patients, who could not be helped by chemotherapy or radiation therapy, need to be treated with bone marrow or stem cell transplants.


The patients - lacking an adequate immune system - are kept in a sterile isolation booth for a period of two to three weeks after the procedure, during which the transplanted bone marrow becomes functional.


Forty to fifty life-saving interventions on children are performed annually at the Budapest hospitals.


The Demeter Foundation operates apartments within the Demeter House on hospital grounds that provide accommodation to the parents or relatives of young stem cell recipients during their treatment.


The five-year survival rate for children under 15 is about 90 percent, according to statistics.