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Photographer: Facundo Arrizabalaga


Soho has for decades been the pulse of nightlife and vibrant red light district in central London, with its entertainment, interesting boutiques and dining choices.


The district and its Georgian houses, resisted already development in the 70’s but the current redevelopment plans could wash away its distinct character. Recently a growing number of campaigners, including British actor, Benedict Cumberbatch echoed that the area is slowly losing its identity and supporters of Save Soho state that the iconic venues are being replaced by coffee chains and posh pubs.


It's latest victim is the 12 Bar Club. Since it opened in 1994 it has been a key breaking ground for unsigned artists. The venue saw UK debuts from artists ranging from Jeff Buckley, Katie Melua or Adele, there have been band performances by The Libertines, Primal Scream and Alabama 3. But it has now been adding to a long list of defunct iconic venues at the heart of Britain's pop and rock culture, the famous Soho nightclub Madame Jojo’s, the Marquee, Astoria, The Intrepid Fox, The Joiner's Arms, Vibe Bar among others.