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Greece Migration

Photographer: Zoltan Balogh


Approximately sixty thousand migrants were stranded in Greece after Macedonia closed its borders to the flow of illegal migration in March 2016.

A group of activists helping refugees occupied a disused building in September 2015 in the Greek capital, which was the first of a number of abandoned houses, hotels and schools in the city center to be turned into refugee accommodation since.

These squats are operated on a completely self-sustaining basis by local activists and volunteers from all over the world, who accept food and money to help residents.

As these squats provide adequate living conditions, it is difficult to secure a place in one of them, entire families, children and elderly people are being the most eligible applicants. Squatters must observe strict house rules and everyone must have their share of household chores.

In return, they have the privilege of learning languages and taking part in a number of pro-integration activities and have access to healthcare.