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Moscow Cadet Academy

Photographer: Sergei Ilnitsky


The Sholokhov Moscow Presidential Cadet Academy is the eighth presidential cadet school to open in Russia. The new institution became part of the country’s interior ministry troops on 01 January 2016.


The cadet corps opened in 2002, as a boarding school for orphans and children from single-parent families. In 2004, it was named after Russian novelist and Nobel Prize laureate Mikhail Sholokhov.


The cadet academy, offering modern training, comprises an educational building, medical and dental offices, a center for continuing education for acting and dancing, a library, rooms for individual creative and sporting activities, a sports town with gym, a laser shooting range, parade grounds and an obstacle course. All classrooms and laboratories are equipped with modern facilities including interactive whiteboards, plasma screens and Internet access.


Cadets are provided with three uniforms, six meals per day, accommodation shared between 2 to 6 people and shower facilities.


There are 374 cadets from grade 5 to 11 enrolled at the academy at present.