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A Life Dedicated to Serve the Poor

Photographer: Peter Komka


A life dedicated to serve the poor. That is the one chosen by the nuns belonging to the Franciscan Order. Like the 18 nuns of the 'Carers for the Poor Convent' in Esztergom, 50 kms northwest of Budapest, Hungary.


The congregation of Sororum Franciscanium Pauperibus Succurrentium (SFPS), founded ninety years ago by Father Oslay Oswald, who at the time was the regional leader of St. Francis of Assisi Fraternity in Hungary, engages in helping the most vulnerable people living on the periphery of society since 1927.


In their daily routine, nuns take care of people in need and of the outcasts, visiting them at home, teaching them and spending time with people with physical and mental diseases. Following the example of Saint Francis, the Sisters of the Congregation live in sacrifice and poverty, and believe that every opportunity, social or spiritual, is useful to help those in need. Contemplation, common prayer and Sacred Scripture reading are, in this regard, as important as helping the weaker and needy.