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Department of Special Education in Rebel-Held Douma

Photographer: Mohammed Badra


The Department of Special Education is part of the Syrian Child Protection Network, they aim to help children with autism, down syndrome, and other mental disorders and to follow up with their educational needs, develop their cognitive abilities, and adjust their behavior for the better in order to integrate them in the future with healthy children in the community.


They assess children based on cognitive, educational, and physical capabilities in order to be able to adjust their teaching curriculum accordingly. Although materials are hard to obtain due to the siege on Eastern al-Ghouta, but the Child Protection Network supply them with global teaching programs that they adjust according to what is available on hand.


The teachers first achievement was to organize an artwork gallery made by the children with assistance of their teachers. The main purpose of the gallery, according to the teachers, is to raise the spirits of the children and encourage them, as well as give the children a sense of self-reliance. In addition, a teacher said, they are also trying to change the perspective of the parents and the community regarding the children's situation.