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Koran Reciting Contest

Photographer: Mohamed Hossam


It’s been seven years since the last time this competition was held, hundreds of people from across Egypt apply to be the next Monshed (Chanter of Islamic Hymns) or Koran Reader in the Holy Koran radio station, one of Egypt’s oldest radio stations


The holy Koran radio station officials have decided to tour the Egyptian provinces for the competition, with 91 persons applying at Minya province 250km south of Cairo. The form to enter the competition costs 200 Egyptian pounds (11 US dollars). Each competitor gets seven minutes in front of the judges to show his skills.


Having your voice heard by 30 million people daily is a great honor that a few achieve, the judges look for not only perfect phonetics and pronunciation but also for the competitors with character and showcase his own style of reciting Koran and Hymns and not to copy other famous readers and Monsheds.


Out of the 91 persons who applied, only two passed to the next stage. With 16 others (four readers and 12 Monsheds) they will get a retry in six months after the judges pointed out their weak points.