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Buddhist Health Retreat for Women

Photographer: Everett Kennedy Brown


Many single women in Japan say they cannot find a man suitable to live with, and so a growing number of single women are turning to religious and spiritual activities for comfort and friendships. About 40 percent of single Japanese women are not interested in romantic relationships with men, according to a survey carried out by Japan's Spa magazine.For many of them, this is due to lots of stress at work and stagnant incomes, according to Japanese scholar Hiromi Shimada.


During a two-day healing retreat, the women experience the Buddhist traditions of etching religious images, eating vegetarian meals, and experiencing various forms of meditation. Yoga and aromatherapy courses are also held during the course to refresh the body and spirit. Many of the participants, who found the workshop on Facebook, establish a new network of like-minded female friends and made plans for future gatherings together.