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The epa archive comprises over six million photos. The vast majority of these images is available online through epa's webgate. You can search for photos by entering keywords into the search bar above. Additionally, you can also browse through the seventeen photo categories and their sub-categories below.


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epa provides a large selection of arts, culture and entertainment photos from around the globe. Our photographers cover all major fashion weeks from Paris via Tokyo to New York and have an eye on interesting art exhibitions, as well as design and music festivals throughout the year. epa is also in the front row when the television, movie and music world celebrates its stars at award ceremonies or film festivals. And for all those who want to know more about the world of the rich and famous we offer a wide range of celebrity photos as well as photos of the royal families from all parts of the world.


The following supplemental categories for arts, culture and entertainment photos are available:


archeology, architecture, arts, bullfighting, carnival, cinema, culture, customs and traditions, dance, entertainment, fashionlibraries and museums, literature, monuments and heritage sites, musicpainting, photographysculpture, television, theatre.

The crime, law and justice category consists of photos dealing with various aspects of crime, law and justice related topics. This includes images of justice and rights situations and events (like images covering controversial juridical decisions, people participating in demonstrations or taking part in marches demanding the end of violence and organized crime), pictures illustrating laws and their establishment as well as photos dealing with life in prison for example showing prisoners or prison staff engaging in daily routines and pictures of prison exteriors. Furthermore, this category includes images covering various aspects of police related work all around the globe and dealing with different forms of punishment such as images of people facing convictions or reacting to law-based punishment of convicts, pictures of defendants in court who are about to be sentenced, and photos covering trials around the world.


The following supplemental categories for crime, law and justice photos are available:


crime, judiciary, justice and rights, laws, police, prison, punishment, trials.

Photos of disasters from around the globe are a substantial part of epa's breaking news coverage. Our photographers are on the spot following earthquakes, floods, typhoons, wildfires, volcanic eruptions, or accidents. Furthermore, we provide images of man-made disasters, pollution, and emergency exercises or mining accidents, for example the tragic accident that occurred in Chile where 33 miners were buried for 70 days.


The following supplemental categories for disasters photos are available:


accidents, disaster, drought, earthquake, emergency planning, famine, fire, flood, meteorological disaster, nuclear accident, pollution, transport accident, volcanic eruption.

Our photographers around the globe are in the front line to cover all variations of economy, business and finance news and feature stories. epa offers a large selection of creative economy, business and finance photos providing comprehensive views to traditional as well as modern agriculture in emerging and "First World" nations, the construction of buildings in USA or in the West Bank, the worldwide transport of people or goods, and the use and impact of solar and nuclear energy around the globe to name but a few. Our economy, business and finance photos offer a different view to a sector that keeps the world turning. Please browse through our large coverage by using the related supplemental categories.


The following supplemental categories for economy, business and finance photos are available:


agriculture, company information, computing and information technology, construction and property, consumer goods, energy and resources, financial and business services, markets and exchanges, metal goods and engineering, metals and minerals, process industries, tourism and leisure, transport.

The vast spectrum of education photos epa has to offer range from adult education and further education through to universities and pre-schooling. This rich and diverse range of content provides a valuable resource for illustrating this subject area. epa is a global news photo agency providing images sourced from all corners of the world with cross-cultural appeal. epa's archive of approximately 4 million images provides access to educational images depicting all the various approaches to education.


The following supplemental categories for education photos are available:


adult education, further education, preschooling, schools, teachers unions, university, upbringing.

epa has a wide selection of photographs illustrating the environment that makes up planet Earth. Human and animal populations across the globe are constantly adapting to their changing habitats and surroundings, in a world made up of impressive geographical features and diverse landscapes found in both urban jungles and rural areas. Growing concern over the conservation of the environment and how we deal with potential threats and other negative impacts on it has meant that the political responses of governments and international bodies are becoming more and more important. Take a look at our environment sub-categories to discover the world through epa's environment photos.


The following supplemental categories for environment photos are available:


alternative energy, conservation, energy savings, environmental politics, environmental pollution, natural ressources, naturewaste, water supplies.

epa has a broad selection of photographs illustrating the various factors that have an impact on the health of human populations all over the world. From imagery depicting diseases and epidemics, to humanitarian aid in a health context, government health initiatives and ground-breaking treatments offered at professional healthcare facilities, our photographers are working tirelessly to ensure coverage of the most pressing health-related issues affecting societies at present. Whether it is health issues affecting a specific population, or the ailing health of a public figure, take a look at epa’s health sub-categories to find illustrations on all manner of health-related topics.


The following supplemental categories for health photos are available:


diseases, epidemic and plague, health organisations, health treatment, hospitals and clinics, injuries, medical research, medical staff, medicines, preventative medicine.

Human interest photos represent a broad selection of images, ranging from both offbeat and scientific pictures of animals, to coverage of society as a whole, as well as photos of people of interest and celebrities. In this category you can images of the funerals of Nelson Mandela, Margaret Thatcher and Ariel Sharon as well as royalty photos featuring the investiture of King Willem Alexander or the royal weddings of Prince William and Kate Middleton and of Prince Albert II of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock. Here you can also find quirky, off beat and unusual items, such as the annual Air Guitar World Championships, beard and moustache championships, gay pride parades, world’s ugliest dog contest, cat cafes, and animal shows.


The following supplemental categories for human interest photos are available:


animals, curiositiespeople.

Many different aspects of the topic labour are represented as part of the epa archive at The epa archive houses some 4 million images some of which fall into this category. Areas as diverse as apprentices, health at work, labour dispute and retirement are offered as illustrations of this subject area. Images from all over the world make up the category labour and the wealth and diversity of content from different countries contributes to a rich and comprehensive library.


The following supplemental categories for labour photos are available:


advanced training, apprenticies, employees, employers, employment, health at work, labour dispute, labour legislation, retirement, strike, unemployment, unions, wages and pensions, work.

Lifestyle photos capture different aspects of our daily lives. The variety of these pictures ranges from everyday life to special events or particular situations. epa's lifestyle photos from around the globe portray people pursuing their hobbies, observing traditions, going about their daily occupations, enjoying a family stroll, taking yoga classes, or spending a day at the beach. We bring you a taste of food fairs and see chefs exhibiting their culinary skills, . Furthermore, this category comprises of images of individuals, groups and families on the road travelling and at tourism hot-spots from Machu Picchu to Japan's Hokkaido island, from Iceland's Eyjafjallajoekull to the Table Mountain in Cape Town.


The following supplemental categories for lifestyle photos are available:


fishing, gaming and lotteriesgastronomy, hobbiesleisure, tourism, travel.

epa offers a vast variety of images from the field of politics. This is a multi-faceted category encompassing every conceivable element of politically-related events, personalities, demonstrations and governance at both local and national levels. In these numerous sub-categories imagery covers official international relations, usually deemed diplomacy, including negotiations, rallies, demonstrations and protests that are both pro and anti-government.


Searching the different sub-categories will also reveal areas of defence and security along with parliamentary and ministerial level meetings, bilaterals, etc. General elections from across the globe are well represented visually as well as campaigning and polling, victors and vanquished and the respective supporters.


The following supplemental categories for politics photos are available:


citizens' initiative and recall, constitution, defence, diplomacy, elections, espionage and intelligence, foreign aid, government, human rights, interior policies, lobbying, local authorities, migration, nuclear policies, parliament, political parties, referenda, refugees, regional authorities, state budget, treaties and international organisations.

epa offers a comprehensive selection of religion photos. Such images focus on all of the world’s major religions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam as well as features on more localised customs and beliefs, such as explorations of Buddhist or Sikh traditions, for example. epa’s coverage contains pictures illustrating every aspect of religious life, including major festivals, customs and beliefs, and the activities of different religious bodies or individuals, and their influence on political life. epa’s offerings on cults and sects can also be found within this category.


The following supplemental categories for religion photos are available:


belief (faith), churches (organisations), cults and sects.

epa’s science photos cover all major disciplines. Our science imagery comprises of scientists, their explorations, discoveries and inventions and shows them in research institutes, laboratories as well as during scientific conferences. Further, the content covers the major technology conventions and fairs from the latest in engineering, medical devices, robots, to smartphones, tablets and Google Glass. In addition, epa provides a wide selection of space program photos – ranging from rocket launches from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan to the Kennedy Space Center in the USA. This includes images of Soyuz and Space Shuttle missions (from Columbia to Endeavour), moon rover missions, the MAVEN spacecraft launches and the respective ground technicians from the space agencies around the globe such as esa, NASA or Roscosmos.


The following supplemental categories for science photos are available:


applied science, engineering, natural science, research, general science, scientific exploration, space programmes, technology.

epa has a vast selection of photographs illustrating the numerous social issues affecting people and societies all over the world. Essentially, social issues refer to the problems facing human beings on a personal level on a daily basis, and while certain social issues pose greater or lesser threats to a given population or demographic depending on country of residence, generally speaking, social issues need to be addressed to some degree by governments, NGOs and individuals the world over. As populations grow and countries develop, so does the demand for higher living standards and satisfactory solutions to social issues. Imagery depicting the human condition can be found in epa’s social issues sub-categories; take a look to discover the issues currently affecting societies.


The following supplemental categories for social issues photos are available:


abortion, addiction, charity, demographics, disabled, euthanasia, family, family planning, health insurance, homelessness, long term care, minority groups, missing persons, poverty, prostitution, racism, welfare.

epa european pressphoto agency has a superb reputation for sports coverage which has always been an outstanding element of epa’s general service. From our professional team of photographers and photo editors you may expect unique sports photos of numerous competitions around the globe.

Beside the most important sports events such as the FIFA World Cups, the Summer and Winter Olympic Games and the tennis Grand Slam tournaments, epa’s sports production ranges from a comprehensive Formula One coverage to a consistent follow up of the European soccer cups, a complete proposal of the winter sports world cups and the major golf tournaments. Furthermore, epa provides exceptional sports categories like Speedway, Freestyle Skiing, Surfing, Rugby and many more. epa’s impressive sports photos expresses the fundamental characteristics that make up sport itself: speed, strength, elegance, power, technique and, of course, emotion.


The following supplemental categories for sports photos are available:


alpine skiing, American football, archery, athletics, track and field, badminton, baseball, basketball, biathlon, bobsleigh, boxing, canoeing and kayaking, cricket, curling, cycling, diving, equestrian, fencing, field hockey, figure skating, golf, gymnastics, handball, horse racing, karate, luge, marathon, motorcycling, motor racing, motor rallying, nordic skiing, rowingrugby union, sailing, shooting, ski jumping, snow boarding, soccer, speed skating, speedwaysurfing, swimmingtable tennis, taekwon-dotennis, triathlon, volleyball, water polo, weightlifting, wrestling.

epa has worldwide network of photographers which stands for a reliable and independent coverage. This network allows an unbiased account on current conflicts, wars and protests. Our war photos comprise the Balkan conflicts, the invasion of Iraq, the school hostage in Beslan, as well as the Syrian civil war, and the wars in Afghanistan, Somalia, and Libya, to name but a few.

In addition to front-line war images you also find photos in this category which are related to wars or incidents that might lead to wars or armed conflicts: images from the offspring of protests, violent demonstrations and riots or terrorist attacks.


The following supplemental categories for war photos are available:


acts of terror, armed conflict, civil unrest, conflicts, crisis, massacre, riots, violent demonstrations, general war photos.

Weather photos are a large part of epa's offering: from extreme weather conditions, such as storms, hurricanes, typhoons, to picturesque scenes of snow, hail, lightning – in a nutshell, pictures which arrest your attention. epa's weather photos capture moments of icy stillness, sunshine over rolling landscapes, the first snow, or a refreshing dip in a city fountain in boiling temperatures. If you are in search of captivating images depicting wild storms, effects of extreme weather conditions, climate change, and global warming, choose from this wide selection.


The following supplemental categories for weather photos are available:


forecasts, global change, reportswarnings, general weather.