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Polka Magazine

The Impact of Ultranationalist Discourse on a Village

Photographer: Attila Balazs


For a piece that shows the impact of the ultranationalist discourse on a community and its consequences the French magazine Polka was looking for a photojournalist. Our local photographer Attila Balázs accompanied French journalist Corentin Léotard and his interpreter to Tiszasvasvari in the Northern Great Plain region of eastern Hungary.


The people of the village of Tiszasvasvari were the first to have elected a representative of the Hungarian radical nationalist political party Jobbik, The Movement for a Better Hungary. Polka Magazine was interested in how the village has evolved since the election of the Jobbik mayor and how it translates into the everyday life of that community. Therefore, Attila was asked to focus on those who support the Jobbik party and ideals - including some of the key figures such as the mayor himself as well as the tensions it might have created within the area.


The human element was essential to the Polka Magazine, known for its dedication to quality photojournalism.


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