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Vidskiptabladid - 'Eftir Vinnu' Supplement

Gylfi Sigurdsson

Photographer: Geoff Caddick


Iceland's principal business weekly newspaper Vidskiptabladid was looking for a professional photographer for a portrait of Gylfi Sigurdsson at his home on the West Coast of Great Britain in Swansea, Wales. epa chose Geoff Caddick for this assignment as he is based there and knows the Icelandic soccer player very well from coverages of various Premier League matches of Gylfi's club Swansea City.


Geoff was able to produce a beautiful set of images of Gylfi Sigurdsson posing in his backyard, playing with his dog along the Welsh coastline, as well as some classic portrait pictures.


Vidskiptabladid chose one of the images for the front-page of their monthly supplement – a magazine called 'Eftir Vinnu'. Furthermore, the editors chose another image for a double page spread opening the story and used almost all photos for their story on the midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson.


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