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Antonio Vázquez

Antonio Vázquez was born in Sama, Asturias, Spain in 1959. He is one of the most prestigious and well known nature photographers in his country. His reportages have been published in many of the most important magazines in Europe. Antonio Vázquez is one of the few Spanish photographers to have had an ambitious reportage in Wildlife BBC.


His collaborations with National Geographic Spain, Natura, Geo Altair, Voyages/National Geographic and others have served as a trampoline for a decade of work including World Patrimony, published by UNESCO in three languages and distributed in five continents. He has won a number of regional and national prizes for his work. In the United States he has been named one of the 100 best travel & nature photographers in the world. His exhibitions of ‘Fauna in Danger of Extinction’ and ‘Orchids of Spain’ in La Feria de Muestras de Gijón were met with both critical public and acclaim. He is the author of over 20 photographic and guide books and has collaborated on a number of others.


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