Picture dated 16 January 1999 shows an ethnic Albanian man sitting next to 23 bodies of ethnic Albanians shot in the village of Racak, some 25km south of Pristina. This file picture dated August 1961 shows workers heightening the sector barrier at Bernauer Strasse in Berlin. The border was sealed on 13 August 1961. A file picture dated 10 November 1989, shows West Berliners chipping away at the Berlin Wall, Germany. Shortly after a press statement by Guenter Schabowski, then spokesman for the GDR government, to open the inner German border crossing

EURO-Photo Project

A mother and her daughter kiss farewell through a fence of the Federal German Embassy to Czechoslovakia in Prague, 30 September 1989. GDR authorities had permitted the emigration of thousands of GDR citizens occupying the Federal German Embassy

epa european pressphoto agency is one of the leading European news agencies participating in the Euro-Photo project. The project is funded by the European Union's ICT Policy Support Programme designed to stimulate innovation and competitiveness through the wider uptake and best use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) by citizens, governments and businesses.


The EURO-Photo project aims to digitise 150.000 historical images from the archives of ten leading European news agencies during the project and to make them available to Europeana - together with a significant number of their historical pictures already digitised and captioned. Images in these archives are among the most valuable historical documents of the last century. They record the major domestic and international events (political, social, cultural, sporting), celebrities and daily life from the turn of the century to the mid 1990s.


The project aims at developing a unique pan-European historical press photo archive available to and usable by European Citizens through Europeana - a common multilingual access point to Europe's distributed digital cultural heritage. At present this common cultural and historical heritage is marginally accessible.


Euro-Photo will strategically comply with the major standards for EDL (European Digital Library) like Dublin Core and OAI PMH (Open Archives Initiative Protocol Metadata Harvesting).


For further information please contact us with us via email or call us at +49 69 244 321 866.


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This file picture dated 11 November 1989 shows people with sparklers celebrating the opening of the inner-German border on the Berlin Wall in Berlin. Picture dated 04 October 1993 shows Russian T-80 type tanks firing at the parliament building in Moscow. Acting on orders from President Boris Yeltsin, army tanks parked on the embankment of the River Moscow opened fire across the water at the White House A Bosnian Muslim child leans against the wall in the backyard of the destroyed local mosque in the town of Ahmici, 60kms West of Sarajevo, on Saturday, 04 March, 2000.
Picture dated 05 August 1993 of Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic (R) listening to Bosnian Serb Commander Ratko Mladic (L) during a meeting with the press in Pale. A file picture dated 28 October 1961 shows Soviet tanks standing at the sector crossing 'Checkpoint Charlie' at Friedrichstrasse in Berlin, Germany. The day before, several American tanks had taken their position at the border between East and West Berlin. GDR refugees occupy Federal German Embassy to Czechoslovakia in Prague, 04 October 1989. End of September 1989 GDR authorities permitted the exit of their citizens, which in final consequence led to the Fall of the Wall and the German Reunification