Science Photos

epa’s science photos cover all major disciplines. Our science imagery comprises of scientists, their explorations, discoveries and inventions and shows them in research institutes, laboratories as well as during scientific conferences. Further, the content covers the major technology conventions and fairs from the latest in engineering, medical devices, robots, to smartphones, tablets and Google Glass. In addition, epa provides a wide selection of space program photos – ranging from rocket launches from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan to the Kennedy Space Center in the USA. This includes images of Soyuz and Space Shuttle missions (from Columbia to Endeavour), moon rover missions, the MAVEN spacecraft launches and the respective ground technicians from the space agencies around the globe such as esa, NASA or Roscosmos.

epa’s wide offering of images of applied science includes showrooms and exhibitions of new inventions, illustrations of the world’s new technologies, applications and innovative products, research centers, institutions and laboratories, presentations of newly developed technologies, teams of scientists, science discussions and conferences.


Here is a small selection of our applied science photos:

epa offers a variety of engineering photos including research and engineering centres, new product presentations from all engineering sectors at trade shows, factories of machinery tools for the chemical, auto, aviation and manufacturing industries, media conferences, new model and design releases, project programs, annual general meetings of international engineering companies.


Here is a small selection of our engineering photos:

epa provides natural science photos depicting activities of international conservation and science institutions, laboratories, national parks, exhibitions at natural science museums, research projects and new findings.


Here is a small selection of our natural science photos:

Science > Research Photos

In the subcategory research epa includes a combination of different illustrations provided by research organizations, science expeditions, press conferences on research findings and illustrations of research results.


Here is a small selection of our research photos:

In the subcategory general science epa includes images of education and research facilities, media conferences, research centers, new therapies and treatments, close-up illustrations, science discoveries, projects and related activities.


Here is a small selection of our general science photos:

epa's photos of scientific exploration comprise images illustrating the activities and findings in major laboratories, experiments, research teams, experimental processes for test products, press conferences and media announcements.


Here is a small selection of our scientific exploration photos:

epa’s wide offering of images of space programmes shows activities and facilities at the International Space Station as well as images released by The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).


Here is a small selection of our space programmes photos:

epa’s provides images of technology showing new inventions and released products in the market, international technology trade shows, presentations from the world’s technology leaders and press conferences of technology policies.


Here is a small selection of our technology photos: