Mourners gather outside the US Supreme Court after Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died from pancreatic cancer in Washington, DC, USA, 18 Sept​ember 2020. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the second woman to serve on the court, died at the age of 87, from metastatic pancreatic cance​r. EPA-EFE/JIM LO SCALZO

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Melinda, a COVID-19 intensive care nurse, takes a break next to a sticker reading 'I'm a happy nurse' at the Etterbeek-Ixelles site of the Iris Sud Hospitals in Brussels, Belgium, 24 April 2020, amid the ongoing coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Countries worldwide increased their measures to prevent the widespread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus which causes the COVID-19 disease. EPA-EFE/STEPHANIE LECOCQ

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Buddhist monk and an undertaker Lay Kato (R), Leiya Arata (L), and a makeup artist Hiiro (2-L) pray while sex dolls Rinne (3-R) and Sayaka (2-R) as mourners attend a funeral service for a sex doll named Ran (3-L) at a home studio in Osaka, Japan, 26 June 2020. A samurai sword placed on Ran's body is ceremonially given to the dead to protect themselves from evil spirits on their way to the afterlife world. Freelance photographer Leiya Arata provides a range of services at her studio in Osaka, including funer

Photo Essay:
Still Life: Death and Love Dolls in Japan

Widow Colette Leslie (46) and her two children, Curtley (L) and Adreulishe (R), pray at the graveside of their late father, Captain Andrew Leslie, in Middleburg, South Africa, 14 June 2020. Captain Leslie died with the Covid-19 coronavirus a month earlier and was the first victim of the virus in the town. He was acting station commander of the local police station. Many of the people in the district infected with the coronavirus are front line workers. In the barren expanses of the Karoo (Great dry land) in

Photo Essays:
Covid-19 Fault Lines

 A Bosnian Muslim woman mourns her dead family members as thousands of survivors make an emotional return – five years after the massacre – to Potocari, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 11 July 2000 (reissued 06 July 2020). A quarter of a century ago, the world witnessed the worst mass murder on European soil since World War II. Some 7,000-8,000 Bosniaks were slaughtered and 20,000 civilians were forcibly displaced in an act of ethnic cleansing perpetrated in the small eastern Bosnian village of Srebrenica, whose na

Photo Set:
Srebrenica Massacre

Health worker Richell Arsenio (L) checks her records with available light as fellow health worker Fe Bacunawa (R) checks on a COVID-19-infected patient in Manila, Philippines, 22 May 2020. They are part of a group of four volunteer health workers who were nicknamed 'Astronauts' by residents of Village 775, Zone 84 in Manila as they resemble such when donning their protective equipment. The healthcare volunteers conduct home visits twice a day to people infected or suspected to be infected with the novel SAR

Photo Essays:
The Astronauts

 French beekeeper Jerome Payen, wearing beekeeping protective clothing, checks and selects his hives before the summer transhumance in Gourdon, southern France, 25 June 2020. Every year in Provence, the start of summer is marked by the flowering of lavender fields. Jerome Payen, based in the Alpes-Maritimes for 19 years, practices the transhumance of bees, which consists of transporting beehives to the Valensole plateau, renowned for its lavender fields stretching as far as the eye can see. EPA-EFE/SEBASTIE

Photo Essay:
Bee Transhumance in France's Provence Region

Mathias Rocha (8) and Lucia Rocha (6)(R) pose for a portrait at their home in Tres Coroas, Brazil, 01 May 2020. The portrait was taken by their father Pedro Rocha and was done in a tent on the high grass next to their house. Having kids at home during lockdown can be very difficult for parents, luckily, Pedro and his children leave next to the wilderness and they can explore nature with little human contact. The series obs-cu-ra is organized by photographer Bruno Alencastro and the portraits were made by se

Photo Essays:
obs-cu-ra: Pandemic Camera Obscura Portraits