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Vickie Flores

London, United Kingdom

Vickie has been working as a professional freelance photographer since 2012. She is based in London and her photographs have appeared on the front pages of all major British newspapers, including The Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph and the Financial Times and in numerous publications across the world.

In 2013, Vickie became a full time contract photographer for a group of east London local newspapers run by Archant, working on a wide range of stories covering all aspects of local news and advertising. Since 2014, she has continued to work as a freelance photographer for east London local newspapers, national newspapers and undertake PR commissions for numerous organizations and businesses.

Before joining epa as a staff member, Vickie has worked as a regular stringer for epa since 2018, covering many major news, entertainment and royal events taking place across the United Kingdom in addition to portrait commissions for epa clients.


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Vickie Flores - epa photographer