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Economy, Business and Finance Photos

Our photographers around the globe are in the front line to cover all variations of economy, business and finance news and feature stories. epa offers a large selection of creative economy, business and finance photos providing comprehensive views to traditional as well as modern agriculture in emerging and "First World" nations, the construction of buildings in USA or in the West Bank, the worldwide transport of people or goods, and the use and impact of solar and nuclear energy around the globe to name but a few. Our economy, business and finance photos offer a different view to a sector that keeps the world turning. Please browse through our large coverage by using the related supplemental categories.


Agriculture Photos

Agriculture is a multi-facetted field of economy and epa offers a wide selection of illustration of this area with all its variations. Our selection of agriculture photos include ploughing the fields with oxes in emerging nations to farming with high-tech machinery in advanced economies. In addition our selection includes cultivation of the land and soil, harvesting of crops, raising, tending and feeding of livestock and poultry. epa also provides images that deal with ecological farming, agriculture trade shows, goods for sale, fishing and fishery.

Company Information Photos

epa's wide offering on company information photos includes among others information of company history, changes in management, structure and organization, future plans, objectives, financing, performance and news related to production of its goods and services. One of the most important sections of company information is reporting of its results and performance, and expected performance in future.


Computing and Information Technology Photos

Computing and IT is a large section of economy and epa offers here a large selection of illustration of this area with all its variations. Our selection of computing and information technology photos includes images of applications, computers and their parts, telecommunication equipment to store, retrieve, transmit and edit information, both for private and business use. We also offer images of computer networks, networking and other information technology linked to computing such as television and telephones. Several industries are associated with information technology, such as computer hardware, software, electronics, semiconductors, internet, telecom equipment, e-commerce and computer services. epa also offers images of variations of computer systems used in computing.

Construction and Property Photos

A large part of our economy coverage comprises construction and property photos and here epa has a variety of images including images of clearing, dredging, excavating, and grading of land and other activity associated with buildings, structures, or other types of real property such as bridges, dams, and roads. epa also offers here images on topics such as hotel industry, with hotels or hotel complexes, property trade shows and exhibitions, and technologies and methods used in construction as well as companies involved.


Consumer Goods Photos

Consumer goods is a very large section of economy, where epa makes available a large selection of images such as clothing articles and materials, household goods, wearable items, vesture, wear - a covering designed to be worn on a person's body commodity, trade good, good - articles of commerce consumer durables, durable goods, consumer goods that are not destroyed by use, fashion, foodstuff, grocery, soaps, rice, pens, books, spoons as well as plates, and personal care products. Our consumer goods photos also feature cars and motorcycles.

Energy and Resources Photos

In the category energy and resources epa has a large collection of photos associated with chemical energy, electrical energy, nuclear energy. epa also offers images of materials used in creating energy and electricity such as coal, gas, oil, and wood. We also have images of fuel-burning engines that convert chemical energy to thermal energy, and batteries that convert chemical energy to electrical energy. Resources include images such as of crude oil, coal, natural gas, hydroelectric, nuclear, wind, biofuel, solar, and geothermal energy.


Financial and Business Services Photos

epa's financial and business photos include images of companies, credit unions and institutions dealing with monetary policies, leasing, savings accounts, check accounts, and money transfer. Our images include financial services by a broad range of organizations such as banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, accountancy companies, consumer finance companies, stock brokerages, investment funds and enterprises sponsored by governments. We also have images of brokerage services, capital markets services, private banking, and companies that offer re-insurance services.

Markets and Exchanges Photos

epa's markets and exchanges photos include illustrations of stock and mercantile markets and their activity around the globe, and themes such as trading bonds, currencies and derivatives. epa also has large stock of images of public and private sector organizations and institutions. There are also images of money markets, equity capital markets mercantile markets, and bond markets. epa regularly covers stock exchanges and their reactions to company news and political decision making, but also companies making their stock market debuts as initial public offerings (IPO's). The selection also includes images of presentation and production of new banknotes and currencies.


Metal Goods and Engineering Photos

epa’s collection of metal goods and engineering photos includes consumer goods made of metal, such as tools, cutlery, locks, automobiles and their parts. Ships in production, storage methods, fittings, valves, sheets, storage tanks, roofing materials, and materials used in construction and transport activity are equally part of this category as pipes and tubes, machine tools, motors, machine parts etc.
epa also offers images on metals and activity aiding constructing and managing the activity in construction of bridges, buildings, mines, ships, and plants used for production of various goods and materials. Engineering images may include aerospace, ceramic, agriculture, communication and electrics.

Metals and Minerals Photos

Metals and minerals photos include a variety of images of raw materials such as gold, silver, copper, led, tin, platinum, cadmium, mercury etc. used in creating a wide variety of goods. Mining industry activity and machinery used in search, excavation and production of metals and minerals also falls under our metals and minerals category. The category also contains control and management of activity related to search of minerals and metals.


Process Industries Photos

The process industries category contains illustration to industrial processing activity in beverages and food production, paints and coatings, cosmeceuticals, textiles, packaging, paper, medicine, and special chemicals used for a wide variety of purposes. This section also features images of exploring and production of materials, fluids, stabilizers, drugs, fertilizers, herbicides, soil conditioners, and paints among many more. Images may also include production lines and facilities, trade shows and images of companies involved in processing chemicals.

Tourism and Leisure Photos

epa's collections of tourism and leisure photos contain images showing various aspects of tourism industry in general, companies offering touristic services, hotels, touristic installations, transport, and touristic entertainment at hotel sites. The leisure part includes photos showing leisure activity at touristic installations, sites, and while on holidays. The tourism and leisure category also includes images of management and control of touristic services and leisure activity.


Transport Photos

Transport is a subcategory of economy, business and finance where epa has a large selection of images on offer showing transport of goods, material, machines, structures used in construction and people. The transport category also contains various methods used in transport, such as cars, trucks, airplanes, ships and trains, bicycles, and trolleys among others. Transport photos also include illustrations to transport preparations and packing, control and management.