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Education Photos

The vast spectrum of education photos epa has to offer range from adult education and further education through to universities and pre-schooling. This rich and diverse range of content provides a valuable resource for illustrating this subject area. epa is a global news photo agency providing images sourced from all corners of the world with cross-cultural appeal. epa's archive of over 4 million images provides access to educational images depicting all the various approaches to education.


Adult Education Photos

epa offers a wide selection of images illustrating learning specifically in relation to adults, including the study of traditional academic subjects as well as vocational topics. Whilst this category would sometimes overlap with that of Further Education, adult education photos could include coverage of campaigns or drives against adult illiteracy, as well as mature students in a more traditional or classic university environment.

Further Education Photos

epa offers a selection of further education images illustrating learning beyond school-level. Such images would mostly focus on formal education or learning outside of the school or university environment, namely adult training courses, such as night schools teaching traditional academic courses, as well as language or cooking classes.


Preschooling Photos

epa offers a selection of preschooling images illustrating life before school, highlighting aspects of the lives of children between infancy and kindergarten age. This could range from images illustrating different day-care practices or nurseries, to play groups and orphanages, as well as features which deal with, for example, summer dance or sports camps and classes.

Schools Photos

epa provides a comprehensive coverage of events in the context of school. Photos in this schools subcategory might include imagery showing schoolchildren at work in classrooms, charity events, school campaigns, special guests such as celebrities or public figures visiting schools, or government legislation relevant to schools.


Teachers Unions Photos

epa provides a series of images relating to the rights of professional teachers. Such photographs could include strike actions carried out by members of teachers' unions, union meetings or forums, whether it is to protest against austerity measures or changes in policy which might affect the profession.

University Photos

The university photos category offers pictures relating to university matters, such as seminars or lectures at university level given by special guests, research, strike actions carried out by a body of students and/or university staff, university funding, and government education policies relevant to universities.


Upbringing Photos

epa also offer upbringing photos - pictures relating to the way a child, or children, are raised in a given society. This is a broad category that might include images depicting child labor, orphans, family life, child poverty or malnutrition, or religious practices relevant to children.