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Environment Photos

epa has a wide selection of photographs illustrating the environment that makes up planet Earth. Human and animal populations across the globe are constantly adapting to their changing habitats and surroundings, in a world made up of impressive geographical features and diverse landscapes found in both urban jungles and rural areas. Growing concern over the conservation of the environment and how we deal with potential threats and other negative impacts on it has meant that the political responses of governments and international bodies are becoming more and more important. Take a look at our environment sub-categories to discover the world through epa's environment photos.


Alternative Energy Photos

epa’s alternative energy pictures illustrate environmentally-friendly energy sources and production, that is, energy that is not produced from fossil fuels. This includes energy produced by wind farms, hydroelectric plants, solar panels, biofuels and geothermal systems, among other techniques. It also includes images relating to renewable energy policies instated by respective governments or international bodies, as well as relevant work undertaken by energy companies who are involved in reshaping the energy sector with a view to creating a sustainable future.

Conservation Photos

epa’s collection of conservation photos focus on the protection of the Earth’s natural resources, including the animal and plant kingdoms, including marine life, and materials making up the Earth’s surface such as water and soil. This also includes the work of organizations or bodies set up to tackle issues relating to conservation, including international protest movements and official government projects and respective legislation. Imagery depicting various conflicts affecting the Amazon rainforest would be found in this category, for example.


Energy Savings Photos

epa offers images specifically relating to energy savings. This category can include events or campaigns launched in order to promote energy efficiency, or alternative energy solutions aimed at making energy savings, such as progress in the realms of electric cars or means of generating sustainable energy with a view to saving energy. This also includes government enacted legislation aimed at encouraging citizens and companies to save energy in order to preserve and make the most of the Earth’s resources.

Environmental Politics Photos

epa offers a vast selection of photos on environmental politics. While this refers to official policies relating to environmental issues, it can also embody the work of international environmental organizations, environmental disasters or conflicts and responses of governments, individuals or organizations in terms of humanitarian aid or enacting new or updated legislation. Furthermore, protest movements aimed at protecting the environment also fall under this category.


Environmental Pollution Photos

epa's pictures illustrating environmental pollution cover different types of pollution affecting the Earth's environment. In essence, this refers to situations where the Earth's natural resources are at stake, often as a consequence of certain manmade circumstances, as in the case of oil spills. This category includes images relating to land contamination, air and water pollution brought about by toxic chemicals and gases, in addition to impacts of pollution on the animal kingdom, inefficient waste disposal systems leading to pollution, and clean-up operations, among many other issues negatively impacting on our planet.

Natural Resources Photos

This is a broad category that showcases an array of images relating to the Earth’s natural resources. This essentially includes pictures relating to coal, oil, gas, metal and water, as well as coverage of the process industries that work with such materials, such as mining or drilling for oil. Beyond this, the topic also includes imagery depicting the exploitation or abuse of natural resources and conflicts that arise as a result of this.


Nature Photos

This is a general category that encompasses a broad selection of pictures illustrating nature. The nature category includes, for example, imagery relating to the distinctive geographical features found on Earth, such as rainforests, volcanoes, bodies of water, as well as living things including plants and animals and their natural habitats. This category also includes epa’s breathtaking landscape photography.

Waste Photos

epa’s images relating to waste include the topics of waste management and disposal, including recycling, trash collection, or waste disposal issues. Waste exists in many forms, and so this category incorporates various types including industrial waste and related implications, as well as household waste related issues. This also includes the impacts of ineffective, or in some cases non-existent, waste disposal systems, on natural habitats and/or urban areas. An example would be recent problems of waste collection in Spain, brought about by a cleaning personnel strike.


Water Supplies Photos

epa offers images that illustrate infrastructure relating to water supplies in a given community. This includes imagery depicting cases where water it scarce, non-potable or contaminated, as well as water management, processing or cleansing. This category also includes charity work and the efforts of other organizations aimed at achieving healthy water supplies for communities in developing countries.