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Health Photos

epa has a broad selection of photographs illustrating the various factors that have an impact on the health of human populations all over the world. From imagery depicting diseases and epidemics, to humanitarian aid in a health context, government health initiatives and ground-breaking treatments offered at professional healthcare facilities, our photographers are working tirelessly to ensure coverage of the most pressing health-related issues affecting societies at present. Whether it is health issues affecting a specific population, or the ailing health of a public figure, take a look at epa’s health sub-categories to find illustrations on all manner of health-related topics.


Diseases Photos

epa has a wide collection of photos illustrating the countless diseases affecting organic populations. Essentially, this includes diseases affecting human populations as well as the animal and plant kingdoms. In terms of imagery, these pictures depict the conditions of individuals living with diseases, as well as widespread diseases affecting people and livestock, such as avian influenza, or bird flu, mad cow disease, dengue fever, foot and mouth disease, rabies, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), among others. Methods of treatment, preventions against the spread of diseases and announcements made by bodies like the World Health Organisation (WHO) are also included.

Epidemic and Plague Photos

epa's collection of photos illustrating epidemic and plagues contains crossover material from the diseases category. More specifically, this category embodies material that illustrates a sudden outbreak of a given disease, containment of epidemics, and efforts to control diseases that have grown widespread and/or lethal among a particular population, such as cholera or dengue fever. Additionally, this category also includes imagery depicting emergency drills to control the spread of epidemic-type medical emergencies, and the efforts of relief organizations and other charities.


Health Organisations Photos

The epa category containing health organizations photos comprises of all imagery that relates in some way to the work of health organizations. This would therefore include photographs illustrating health summits, the work of health ministers, press conferences held by government officials or organizations concerned with health, including the World Health Organization (WHO), in addition to the work of hospitals, clinics, other healthcare centers, well-known personalities and charities involved with health issues and campaigns.

Health Treatment Photos

epa’s selection of images on health treatment illustrates the countless treatments available to counter diseases, illnesses, impairments or injuries suffered by human beings, and to some extent animals. The health treatment category crosses over with the medicines sub-category, although it focusses specifically on methods of treatment, including those offered at professional medical facilities, such as rehabilitation centers, as well as non-traditional methods of treatment. Pictures might show patients having prosthetic limbs fitted, new equipment being used, or alternative therapy methods.


Hospitals and Clinics Photos

epa’s collection of hospitals and clinics photos focuses specifically on themes relating to professional healthcare facilities. In terms of imagery, this includes exterior and interior views of activity at hospitals and clinics, either because they are embroiled in a particular news story, such as celebrity or royal births, striking doctors and medical staff, arrivals of fatalities after an accident, disaster or acts of terror, or because epa wishes to share a feature story based on a certain facility.

Injuries Photos

epa has a wide selection of photos that depict various injuries sustained by individuals or groups of people. This includes imagery showing injuries in the context of industrial accidents, transport accidents, nuclear disasters, fires, mine collapses, among many other circumstances that might cause injuries, in addition to views from the scenes that led to such injuries and precautions taken against such events. This section also features personalities – like Michael Schumacher who was hospitalized after a skiing accident – political figures and other prominent people involved in and recovering from accidents.


Medical Research Photos

The epa medical research category specifically relates to imagery depicting the work of medical research institutes, universities, or other organizations involved in research. This includes content on medical company research departments, testing of medical equipment, products and treatments, as well as other scientific experiments within a medical context. Additionally, this category also includes press conferences held by medics, scientists, or others involved in the industry, as well as protest movements.

Medical Staff Photos

epa has a vast collection of imagery relating to the work of medical staff, belonging to hospitals, clinics, research organizations, or certain charities. This includes coverage from inside medical centers, doctors’ surgeries, clinics, hospitals or temporary healthcare centers. The coverage also depicts medical staff at work; using specialist equipment, tending to patients or in some cases, giving press conferences. Besides illustrations of medical personnel at work, the category also includes images of striking medical staff.


Medicines Photos

epa has a vast selection of photos relating to all sorts of medicines used to treat the countless diseases affecting people and animals all over the world. This contains images showing methods used to treat medical conditions, including drugs and alternative medicines, like acupuncture or reflexology. While this sub-category features images on traditional medicines, it also comprises of photos depicting certain species of animal that are poached and killed for the purpose of producing exotic medication.

Preventative Medicine Photos

epa’s preventative medicine category deals largely with the administration of medicine to adults and children suffering from a wide variety of ailments. This also includes demonstrations across the globe calling for improvements in medical supplies to ward off diseases and actions taken to prevent the spread of epidemics. More specifically, imagery includes drives to vaccinate schoolchildren against diseases like polio in Yemen and Pakistan, and awareness campaigns set up to highlight certain illnesses.